RBC counts of the support of many volunteers with a wide array of experience and education.
If you are interested in volunteering please contact:
Gwendy Hall
Email: gwendyhall@gmail.com
Tel: 613-269-7980

Our Area is home to talented, experienced, and committed experts across a range of sectors relevant to the smooth transition of a refugee family to a new life in Canada.

Meet our team leaders!


Executive Committee
Chair:            Audrey McKendry Bridge
Vice chairs:  Graeme Bonham-Carter, Fred McFarland
Secretary:    Wendy Quarry
Treasurer:    Gwendy Hall
At Large:       Diana MacKay

Holy Trinity Anglican Church representative: The Rev. Andrew Wilson

 (Team leaders under review for second family)

Communications Team:
Responsible for keeping the local community informed of the progress, program, intent and needs of MBC.                                             

Education Team:
Establishes the educational needs of the family members, identifies the resources available in the area to meet their needs and funding for the necessary resources.

Employment Team:

Establishes contacts for gainful employment for any of the family once they are settled and become proficient enough in English.

Finance Team:

Works with the family to manage their finances.

Furniture Team:

Obtains the furniture, appliances and household equipment needed by the family.

Fundraising Team:

Plans and conducts fundraising activities.

Housing Team:

Establishes appropriate housing for the refugee family.

Language and Interpretation Team

Provides assistance with translation, interpretation and language learning.

Medical Team:

Identifies the medical needs of the family, arranges translation services and transportation for appointments.

Settlement/Documentation Team:

Co-ordinates and obtains the documentation needs of the family. Orients the family within the community. Provides links to similar families and community organizations in the region.

Social Team:

Supports social engagement of the family in community activities.

Transportation Team:

Arranges all transportation needs for the family for necessary trips and appointments.   

Youth Team:
Supports integration at school and in after-school activities for the family’s children.