At first sight the images are just overwhelming – there are so many people in need. They have nothing left but hope – a desperate hope that there might be somewhere to start anew.

What can be done? How can we help?

Between 2015 and the end of January 2017, over 40,000 Syrian refugees were brought in to Canada under sponsorship schemes. During 2018, Canada resettled over 28,000 refugees (not just Syrians), more than any other country. Across Canada many groups like ours have joined this effort. Canada has been a leader in welcoming refugees and giving them a chance to thrive.  Locally, Brockville has brought in over 12 families, Perth 4 families, Kemptville 2 families, and Merrickville 1 family. This story has been repeated throughout the country and there have been many examples of successful integration.

How we are helping

In December 2015 six friends in Merrickville decided that they needed to do something to help. Like hundreds of other groups and organizations across Canada they elected to form a group with the aim of bringing a refugee family to live in our community. This group, originally named Merrickville Bridge to Canada, has been renamed as Rideau Bridge to Canada.

The original group of Merrickville volunteers has now been expanded to include residents of Smiths Falls, Rideau Lakes and environs under the new name.

We have several community partners who fulfill various legal and supportive roles on our behalf. Choosing to act with and through these community organizations lends a higher degree of credibility and stability to our efforts.

These partners are:

 Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Merrickville has recently joined us as a co-sponsor of our second family.

The Ottawa Community Foundation who manage the monetary donations to our group, which allows for tax receipts to be issued.

Rideau Community Health Services, who hold all donations in trust until such time as the family or Rideau Bridge to Canada requires them.

World Hope Canada who were instrumental in coordinating the required documentation and application forms for the sponsorship for our first Syrian family.

We also receive guidance and support from several other local groups who are further along in the process of resettling their own Syrian refugee families: Community Alliance for Refugee Resettlement (CARR) in Perth, Refugees in North Grenville (R.I.N.G) in Kemptville and Refugees for Brockville that is a municipally-backed, community-based umbrella organization that supports Brockville refugee sponsorship groups that are working to welcome, settle and include newcomers.